In early 2008, when we created this institution of research in health, we were probably far from believing the role it plays and the place it holds today in the field of scientific research in Burkina Faso, in Africa and in the world

After staying in the shadows for a decade, it was during 2017 that the action of research group in health (GRAS) has really started to grow with the establishment of its headquarters in the Somgandé district of Ouagadougou and especially the involvement of a professional and experienced staff.

The excellence of its human resources, its vision, its mission, its values, its international standard technical platform and the variety of its partners at national and international level are the main strengths of GRAS, which is permanently seeking excellence in health research.

Since its creation, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Many scientific achievements and publications have been produced by the « little house ». This is made possible by the exemplary dedication of our teams, the involvement of both volunteers and communities, and the excellent collaboration we have with other organisations involved in health research at the national and international levels.

In Burkina Faso, GRAS GRAS enjoys the continued support and trust of the ministries in the lead of health on the one side and of scientific research and innovation on the other side and develops research activities in partnership with public and private institutions.

Our work is intended to guide policymaking to continuously improve the health of populations affected by many diseases that significantly contribute to their vulnerability. In addition, GRAS has established strong professional relationships with a number of research institutes around the world, working with them on research projects on drug vaccine trials and observational studies.

Our leitmotiv is still the research of a better well being of the people, through the knowledge creation to guide the decision makers in the control, or better still the eradication of the main infectious diseases which constitute a huge burden for the African continent in particularly.

All efforts and actions would be useless without the support of our various technical, national, and international financial partners, but above all the commitment of the communities in which we perform our activities. This is an opportune moment to express our gratefulness to all of them for the good and sincere collaboration that helps us to move forward towards our common goals.

Throughout this website, we let you take a look at the different dimensions of the “Groupe de Recherche Action en Sante “, an institution in full bloom.

Thank you for your interest!

Dr Sodiomon B. SIRIMA, MD, BA, PhD
Knight of the National Order