« I am pleasantly surprised »

The Minister Delegate, Mrs. Maminata Traoré/Coulibaly, visited the offices of the Group of Action Research in Health (GRAS) on Tuesday, February 2, as part of the series of visits to the various institutionsinvolved in her sector of activity.

The scientific director, Dr. Sodiomon Bienvenu Sirima and all his staff were mobilized to give a warm welcome to the new Minister Delegate, appointed since January 10.

After a masterly presentation of the GRAS institution, its activities, studies and programmes, as well as its partners, Dr Sirima opened the doors of the central units of the private research institution. The different compartments of the laboratory were presented to the Minister, who was simply « pleasantly surprised » at the existence of such a quality institution, especially in the private sector. It was then the opportunity to present to the distinguished guest the MIMVaC-Africa, which is an important consortium financed by EDCTP (EU) that GRAS has been coordinating since March 2020.

During her discussion with the managers and staff of GRAS, she warmly congratulated these actors who contribute so much to the influence of research in Burkina Faso. She hoped that the institution would work more with public research institutions and that it would be part of the presidential programme for a win-win collaboration.

In addition to her technical advisors, Mrs Maminata Traoré/Coulibaly was accompanied by the Director General of CNRST and ANVAR.